Shoot Weddings Like a Pro

The Wedding Photography Blueprint DVD’s


What to Expect on Each DVD

This is a run down of what to expect from each of the 8 DVD’s received when you order the Wedding Photography Blueprint 2.0. If you have any questions prior to purchasing, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Make sure you check out the sample clips to give you more of an idea what to expect!

Please note that these DVD’s are all region free. That means they should play on any DVD player in any country and with all modern computer DVD drives.

DVD 1 – Classroom Sessions – Introduction, Equipment and Planning – 2 Hours

 Wedding Photography Blueprint DVD 1

DVD 1 starts the course in the classroom and takes you through what to expect from the course as well as going into detail about the wedding industry itself. We then talk in detail about equipment, both what we recommend to get started and then onto what we suggest to possibly help make your images and business stand out. To finish off, we cover the importance of planning and preparation and how important this is to your wedding photography business.

DVD 2 – Classroom Sessions – Shooting the Day, Image Review and Settings – 1h 35m

Wedding Photography Blueprint DVD 2

Still in the classroom, we now go into the finer details of shooting a wedding professionally. We go into greater detail taking you through the entire day from the bride getting ready to the evening and reception followed by studying images to back up what we have learned so far. To end this part of the course, we run through recommended camera and flash settings for each environment that are a good starting point.

DVD 3 – Classroom Sessions – The Finer Details, Video, Lighting and Software – 1hr 50m

Wedding Photography Blueprint DVD 3

Before we head out on location in DVD 4, we delve a bit deeper into the finer points when photographing weddings including the possiblity of adding some video work to both secure jobs and create a buzz. Lighting plays a huge part in wedding photography so we cover this here too with a low light tutorial and sample photos finishing off with an introduction to video editing and slideshow software/creation.

DVD 4 – Location Sessions – Stately Home, Bride Getting Ready – 1h 55m

Wedding Photography Blueprint DVD 4

We head out on location for DVD 4 and start with an entire session of the bride getting ready in a Dorset mansion. We cover the use of flash as well as the benefits of using just natural light coupled with a tutorial on how to salvage poor images suffering from incorrect exposure, colour casts and general untidiness. Please note that this is the same as DVD 1 from the original Blueprint DVD’s. We simply couldn’t improve on the information here so decided to keep it in. If you already own the original Wedding Photography Blueprint DVD’s, please get in touch and we will refund 30% of the purchase price once we have verified proof of purchase.

DVD 5 – Location Sessions – Church, Hotel, Gardens, Beach and Grunge Location – 1h 54m

Wedding Photography Blueprint DVD 5

DVD 5 backs up everything we covered and taught in DVD 2. We start in a local church where we run through the ceremony including the use of flash versus natural light and re-iterate the camera and flash settings. We use a model couple who were only recently married themselves earlier in the year. Next we head back to the hotel to cover civil ceremonies in somewhat tighter and more challenging surroundings finished off with special portraits in local gardens, on the beach, in a grungy location ending with group shots back on the beach.

DVD 6 – Location Sessions – Reception Venue/Ballroom – 1h 55m

Wedding Photography Blueprint DVD 6

To finish off the location sessions, DVD 6 sees us in a grand, high-ceilinged ballroom that has been kitted out for a real wedding taking place later that day…what better way to learn! Again, camera settings, posing and flash versus natural light are the order of the day as we run through the couple entering the hall, the cutting of the cake, the speeches and the first dance. The last of the location DVD’s is finished of with a couple of Photoshop tutorials and a run-through of a wedding that was shot with both stills and video to give you an insight into the life of a wedding photographer and what is involved.

DVD 7 – Bonus DVD – Classroom for Business Training – 1hr 52m

Wedding Photography Blueprint DVD 7

For DVD 7, we head back into the classroom for just under 2 hours training on starting and running a wedding photography business. Here we discuss all the key issues and topics you are likely to come across or want/need to learn to get going in this industry. We cover everything including setting up and optimising a website or blog, marketing, advertising, networking, social media and of course pricing, amongst other things.

DVD 8 – Bonus DVD – Interviews and eBooks

Wedding Photography Blueprint DVD 8

DVD 8 is a bonus disk loaded with useful interviews and eBooks. We interviewed various professionals in the wedding industry to help you understand what to expect and how to break into this business. An international WPJA wedding photographer, successful wedding planner and worldwide photobook manufacturer all offer insights and tips for new wedding photographers that you won’t hear anywhere else. The eBooks are there to compliment your business and offer ideas to create alternative and additional sources of income to supplement your business as you get started and beyond.