Shoot Weddings Like a Pro

Sample Clips

Sample Clips From All DVD’s

Here are a few sample clips from DVD’s 1 to 7. This totals around 13 minutes of the full 15 hours of footage that you get with the Wedding Photography Blueprint 2.0 Training Course. Obviously we don’t give too much away but hopefully this will give you some idea of what to expect when you buy the Blueprint DVD’s.

DVD’s 1-3 are all classroom based and take you through the entire process of entering the wedding industry through to securing, planning and shooting the actual wedding:

DVD’s 4-6 are all location based as we film the model couple in a church, hotel, on a beach, in local gardens and a grunge setting for special portraits and group shots:

DVD 7 holds 2 hours of business training including websites, marketing and pricing while DVD 8 has all the bonuses including 5 eBooks, 4 interviews and extra tutorials: