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The Wedding Photography Blueprint has sold worldwide for more than 4 years with a less than 1% return rate and the majority of those were returned by photographers not wanting to shoot weddings after all. Something in the region of 30-40% of sales were made by affiliates. The DVD’s have been re-filmed and edited with a ton of new and exciting information added to ensure the best possible product for any aspiring photographers making your sales process as easy as possible.

We have also added some very relevant and useful bonuses to the DVD’s as well as improving the overall quality of the box set to give it a real luxury feel. This costs a bit more to produce but we feel the effort is well worth it and will hopefully ensure to keep the same small returns rate plus excellent and ongoing sales opportunities for you

We pay a generous 25% commission for any affiliate making genuine sales on our behalf which equates to £19 ($30 approx) in commission which is paid via Clickbank according to their accounting terms. It is up to you how you go about selling the DVD’s but we do ask that you keep it both ethical and honest as to retain our trust and ongoing professional reputation with our customers.

We have given a brief outline below on how to both set up an account with Clickbank along with some tips and tools to get you started right away. As always, if you need any help with anything or have any questions prior to selling the DVD’s, please contact us through the site.

Many thanks and good luck!

Signing Up For a ClickBank Account

First things first, if you are not already a Clickbank affiliate, you need to set up an account. Don’t worry, it is easy and free! Go to the following link and be sure to give yourself a short, easy to remember Nickname as that will be your affiliate name that you add to our links.

Sign up with Clickbank

Clickbank’s “Getting Started as an Affiliate” section is a great place to start.

Once you have an account, go to the Marketplace, click on the “Arts and Entertainment” category, click on photography and look for us there. Once you see our product, click on the big green promote button and then simply enter your nickname (and tracking ID if you want to track sales). This will then give you your unique url with affiliate code embedded along with the HTML version for adding straight to your website or blog.

If you are familiar with QR codes, you also get one of these with your code embedded too which you can use offline in all manner of funky ways!

Now that you have your code, you need to promote us.

Promoting the Wedding Photography Blueprint

As we mentioned before, please do not spam or use any black hat methods for advertising our products. Any misconduct could lead to your affiliate status being revoked by Clickbank. We recommend that you use the images below with affiliate code embedded along with a review or write up about the product.

Make sure that your review is at least 3-400 words long so that that search engines pick it up and index it. “Skinny” pages tend to get delisted pretty quickly by Google. Use good written prose that flows and include some keywords that are relevant to the product such as:

  • Learn wedding photography
  • Wedding Photography Blueprint
  • Start a photography business
  • Wedding photography DVD’s
  • Wedding photography training
  • Wedding photography tips
  • Learn how to shoot a wedding
  • How to photograph a wedding
  • Become a professional photographer
  • …and so on.

Use Google’s keyword tool to find more relevant and popular search terms.

Article Writing

Perhaps write a great article about wedding photography such as “Ten things to avoid when starting a wedding photography business” or “The 10 best things about being a wedding photographer” and add your afifliate link to that. Upload that article to various article hosting sites such as GoArticles or eZineArticles but remember to follow and abide by their rules and only upload each article to 1 or 2 sites. Google hates duplicate content.

Maybe write a Squidoo Lens about wedding photography and weave your affiliate link in there?

Google Adwords

This is a paid form of promoting our DVD’s and you need some training or experience here as it will cost you. Do some research and if you think this is a viable way to advertise us, go ahead but remember one basic rule. It takes on average, one in a hundred clicks to make a sale so as long as your cost per 100 clicks is less than the cost to get those clicks, you are making money.


If you have an existing email list, why not do a good write up about the DVD’s and ping it out to your list? Make sure that you mention all of our included bonuses.


Obviously you can embed the YouTube videos on this site on your own site to promote us. Just grab the link from YouTube and embed it into your own site or blog. Use the main promo video first and then add the three sample videos for best effect.


You may use the following images to promote the Blueprint DVD’s. Just right click and “save as” to place in your folder and please re-size as required to fit your website or blog.

Photoshop Version of DVD’s

Photograph of Actual DVD’s – Note, buyers only receive one box set. Stacks shown here for promotion.

The Wedding Photography Blueprint eBook – Standalone Price $47

Wedding Photography Blueprint eBook

“How to Sell Stock Photos” eBook – Standalone Price $47

How to Sell Stock Photos eBook

“The Business of Photography” eBook – Standalone Price $47

Business of Photography eBook

Property Photography eBook

Property Photography eBook

Health and Wellness eBook

Health eBook

Possible Ad for Your Website or Blog

Earnings Disclaimer

We cannot guarantee that using the images or advice above will lead to sales but rest assured that both ourselves and Clickbank do everything we can to track sales back to our affliliates. After all, a good affiliate is worth 100x the value of a “stolen” sale so make sure you double check your affiliate links before promoting us via any and all means.

Whilst many of our affliates have sold numerous copies of the Wedding Photography Blueprint each month for years, there is no guarantee that you will make regular sales or even any sales. It all depends on the effort generated and the way in which you promote the DVD’s…the more professional, the better your chances. We have seen people spamming YouTube and other online websites to the point where they have been banned…therefore no sales.

Do it right and be persistent and the sales wiill come. Good luck!