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About Us

Hi, my name is Nick Stubbs and I am a professional wedding photographer, husband, father and gadget/technology freak. I have been using professional grade SLR and later on…DSLR cameras, since around 1980 as a teenager when I also first built my own darkroom in the loft.

I have shot weddings in many weird and wonderful environments:

• Dark churches
• Bright churches
• Spanish beaches
• On board a catamaran
• Monasteries
• Italian vineyards
• Small caves
• Luxury villas
• 5 Star hotels (Savoy in Florence, Park Lane in London, Ritz Carlton in Marbella)

I have had to photograph couples in all manner of situations during their weddings including low light, bright midday sun, wind and rain, no guests to 300+ guests, leaking ceilings, late brides, grumpy brides, cars breaking down, grooms breaking down, equipment failure/breakages and so on.

I have seen it all.

This, along with all the training you will ever need, has all been put into the Wedding Photography Blueprint 2.0 in the hope that it will help you smooth out this fantastic journey into running your own wedding photography business one day soon.

I have my own particular style which is predominantly bright, colourful and cheerful…just like a good wedding should be but this is not what I teach. The Blueprint is exactly that, a Blueprint foundation course to teach you all the ins and outs of wedding photography leaving you to mould your own unique style over time.

As well as shooting weddings, I shoot the odd commercial job, properties and a lot of stock photography. Shooting stock is one of my absolute favourite pass-times and I strongly believe that anyone who owns a DSLR and doesn’t shoot stock is truly missing a trick!

It is particularly good for wedding photographers as it not only helps to fill the “out of season” gaps throughout the year, but also to hone your skills whilst creating and growing a separate, sustainable income.

In the bonus eBook “How to Sell Stock Photos”, I take you through the entire process of shooting and uploading images to all the best agencies so that you can start to create a strong, residual and monthly income. We also give you access to our membership site which holds a further 3.5 hours of video training on shooting stock so there is no excuse not to get started right away!

My earnings from stock surpassed 6 figures a long time ago and the money still comes in each month and I hope you will be able to say the same in a few years time.

I have a passion for teaching and love to see others succeed in this business and over the years, I have seen just that. It is great to watch my students go from absolute novice to running their own busy, successful photography business in just a couple of short years.

This is why I created the membership site. For you to receive ongoing support and help from both myself and other members after buying and watching the Wedding Photography Blueprint 2.0 DVD’s.

I love to experiment with new equipment and ideas and I am always working because I am lucky enough to do for a living what I have loved doing since a very early age. If I was to retire, I would still do exactly what I do now for a hobby!

To finish off, I am also a bit of a fitness nut. Despite having gained and lost weight repeatedly over the years, I have always trained in one form or another and am currently stepping up the pace with a running, cycling and weight training regime. I included a short book on health in the bonus DVD which you can take or leave but hopefully will find interesting and eye-opening.

So, that is me. If you have any questions about anything on this site, please get in touch otherwise I wish you all the best in your quest to become a professional wedding photographer!

Nick Stubbs
Wedding Photography Blueprint 2.0